Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Billing

When is payment of my bill expected?
Co-payments are due to be paid at the time of service. Upon receipt of your billing statement, payment is expected within 30 days of the billing date shown on your statement.

What options do I have to pay my bill?

Payment can be made by cash, in-state check, or credit card (Master Card, VISA, American Express). Payment can be made:
a. In person
b. By mail: use the return envelope that came with your billing statement
c. By phone: credit card payment can be taken by calling the clinic

I have received a number of bills and can't figure out why?
Your visit to Eye Center of Hawaii may result in billing from various service providers depending on the type of services you were referred for and may include billing for professional and/or technical services.

Why do I receive a bill when I have insurance?
Many insurance companies have co-payments, deductibles or out of pocket expenses (not covered by your insurance plan) for which you are responsible. You may also receive a bill if your insurance company does not process your claim by their due date or if they deny coverage of services performed. If you have questions about why your insurance did not pay a portion or all of your claim, you should contact your insurance company directly.

What is the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement?
The EOB is a statement showing a detailed listing of how your insurance company processed your claim. An EOB is mailed by your insurance company directly to you.

Can I still be seen if I don't have any medical insurance?
Yes. You will be expected to pay in full at the end of your visit.

I still have questions about my billing statement and would like to talk with someone. Whom can I call?
Eye Center of Hawaii contracts with Alta Medical Management Services to assist with billing. If you should have questions about your account or statement, please feel free to call Alta Patient Customer Service at: 1-800-270-8917 or call any of our office locations for further assistance.